letters to juliet ~ somewhat cheesy “what if” fantasy.

it was a perfect girls night out flick for moi!

toy story 3 ~ another toy story, another masterpiece.

a very fun day at the theater with three other mommas and our herd of eleven kids! it is truly a circus to get every kid happily sat by every friend they are requesting to sit by, fill every drink/treat request, and to carry in the booster seats!!! but totally worth it!

Killers ~i thought this movie was hillarious, of course realizing, completely NOT realisitic…i noticed our crowd was the only crowd laughing in a fairly full theater. dusty didn’t really like it.

great date night. the movie went by so fast{for me}!

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  1. you forgot to mention how HOT ashton kutcher is in this movie!

    We loved Toy story 3 of course and letters to julet was darling… just a total chick flick!!

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