more Las Vegas…

After non-stop sightseeing with Alson & Myla,
Dusty and I hung around Vegas for a few more days,
just us.

We have not had time alone, in about a year,
so it was very nice.

We moved from Mandalay Bay over to the new “Palms Place,” at the Palms.

I loved our contemporary room.Many of the hotels are renovating to a newer sleek contemporary feel, and I just love it.

We discovered a killer restaurant at the top of Palms Place called, “Simon.”
Simon has a perfect niche on American food, homestyle and mmm… after our first meal there I wanted to eat every meal there! Even though Alson & Myla had left, food was still the focus of our trip!Plus, I loved the open-Californian feel to the restaurant. It had these awesome outside fireplaces and huge glass walls. ohhh, i loved it.

But, I took a break from taking photos, and these three are it!

Dusty & I spent a chunk of our time totally entertaining ourselves while people watching around the pool, and everywhere else we went! We took time to go get a couples’ massage in the coolest couples massage room we have ever been in. We worked out in the gym a couple of days, but it was not near enough to keep up with how we were eating! We slept, and just chilled most of the time. Oh, and we went to see “Zumanity,” that was a waste of money!

But, all in all, a very relaxing time…

4 responses to “more Las Vegas…”

  1. Ok, seriously i am dying to go to Vegas now!!
    How fun to just stay a few more nights alone!

    Love the new Hotel too, was it far from everything?! The food sounds delicious.

  2. Looks like your Vegas trip was a success. That room is incredible!!

    I don’t know if you have already found music for Kiana and Isabel, but I was on the blog of a friend and she had “The Show” by Lenka playing and it was kind of cute. Just thought I would pass it along. 🙂

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