more laguna beach?!?, yes please!!! {day 2}

…more priceless family time.

more delicious food.

more warm summer nights, visiting under the stars
on the patio.

day 2: sela was much more comfortable near the water,
but still did not want to be in the water.


myla was doing the best she could to keep moana movin’ all over…

still, no luck putting her into labor!

{are those the cutest girl names?!?}

kj & owen. second cousins {i think}, these two had a blast.
give a kid a $3.99 shovel and you have no idea how entertained they can be!
{serious digging missions with those shovels!}

kj had a sleepover at owen’s. they were instant buds.
oh, how we wish we lived in laguna!

day 2 kayak adventures…
dusty & kj; cousin martin & myla; kiana & her cousin mitchell…

they went out for a typical kayak ride,
and at least SEVEN dolphins appeared!
{we counted seven at one time, there could have been more!}

how cool is that?!? a serious once-in-a-lifetime experience!
my picture is kind of lame because i was on shore, so far away,
but i had to try and photograph the amazing moment! the dolphins got much closer to the kayaks than my picture shows, and they just hung out there, circling the kayaks!

kj thought it was cool, dusty admits it’s a bit daunting…
those dolphins are bigger up close in the wild than you expect.

kiana and her cousin mitchell were a little freaked, considering
they were paddling by themselves and just hoped to not get tipped over!

from what i hear, myla was threatening martin.
she started easy, splashing him with water from her paddle…then she said she was going to hit him in the head with her paddle if he didn’t get her back to shore! ha!

myla can surprise me. she is my most adventurous child, but has a serious fear of dolphins!

allyson said she’s waited ten years for something like this, and has never had dolphins appear while she’s kayaking or anything! we feel really fortunate that our kids had such a cool encounter.

beautiful memories.

thank you bartholomew’s.
you are certainly some of our favorite relatives.
{malia & michael – we missed you.}

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  1. So cool you guys got to see dolphins! They are so cool to watch in the wild. I'm surprised Dusty didnt jump in and try to ride on ones back! 😉

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