minimal | modern | rustic | cozy

…those are all the styles/feelings/words i had in mind when i briefly redecorated our home for November. not to offend thanksgiving {or any of you!}, but i’ve never been a big fan of traditional thanksgiving/fall/november decor. maybe this is why i like to go straight from halloween decor to christmas. ???

although we have one christmas tree up, i still wanted to focus on the month feeling cozy, and natural. a very inviting home. with a neutral color palette.

so, i kept things very simple. using pine cones, birch logs, plants, furry blankets, and… more pine cones. take a look:

a few of these items you can add to your homes by one walk in nature, and a few art supplies – gather pine cones, find large ones to paint white, use smaller ones for garland, fill vases with pine cones, and make some pine cone flowers! I found birch logs at a local nursery. Pull out your favorite family blankets and quilts for the cooler months. i like to keep stacks of blankets {+ board games & puzzles} right in our living room for family game time, tv time and a spontaneous winter nap.

i hope you all have happy, thankful hearts this month as the temperatures get cooler, and we head into the holiday season. has it snowed where you live? we had our first snow yesterday!  and, it was the first nor’easter to come to new england since we moved here.  one of my goals: to have a wood-burning fire every night this winter, it seems to encourage snuggles on the couch with those you love.

cheers to a cozy season! xo.

{all photos by me, Jane Beckner Rhodes}

7 responses to “minimal | modern | rustic | cozy”

  1. Love that you brought nature indoors! Sometimes I wish we lived in a place with seasons just so I could redecorate for each:)

  2. Love the look of it all. Maybe I’ll try to do something like it 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Love your blog. You’re so creative!

  3. I am in love with the birch logs, do you know anywhere in salt lake or in Utah county where I could get them? Or what is the name of the nursery you purchased them, maybe they would ship them to me. Thanks

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