mini sandcastles

this week, sela, kj and i have been touring the beaches of massachusetts. searching for our favorite beach while myla is at {her sixth!} tennis camp and kiana is at a dance intensive. and while touring, we’ve gotten a little creative with our sandcastles.

when we were packing our bags this morning, i started digging through our small kitchen cups, etc. – i instantly had the idea to use all mini cups and tupperware for building our sandcastles today. then, i looked through my baking supplies and once i spotted the leftover cupcake flags from the fourth of july, i knew those had to be flags on top of our sandcastles!

once at the beach, look what we made:

the nice thing about using small cups {and measuring cups!}, is that the younger kiddos with smaller hands can easily fill them up by themselves and make perfect mounds with the sand. often times, when our kids have large sand buckets, it’s difficult for them to get the sand packed correctly and they get frustrated with trying to dump out the sand. with little cups, it’s easy for them to succeed, on their own. voila!

do you play in the sand? at times, i’m known to get into the castle building way more than my kiddos. it’s the same with coloring. most often, long after my kiddos have finished… i am still sitting at the table, coloring. i find both of these activities to be therapeutic. you?

you don’t need a beach to use these ideas, head to your local sand box, and create mini sandcastles. ::smiles::

{all photos by me, jane rhodes}

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  1. I love everything about this! It makes me long to go the the beach so my kids can have the same fond memories that i had growing up. Everything is so simple there, laying in the sun, digging in the sand, and swimming in the water! looks like the perfect summer day! Thanks for sharing!

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