mini pom-pom garland kit

hey friends. remember when i said january would be a wee bit quiet for seejaneblog? well, i still have a lot on my plate, but i am getting some big to-do’s checked off my list, and hope to be back posting regularly again soon! plus, i can’t wait to share with you what i’ve been working on…

until then, i wanted to share my alt summit experiences with you from this year. to start, business cards are a big deal at this design summit. if you remember, last year i handed out my cards with bags that matched the seejaneblog brand. this year, in honor of my new online shop, “franny” opening soon – i handed out one hundred mini pom-pom garland kits!

mini pom pom garland kit via seejaneblog

seejaneblog mini pom-pom garland kits

each kit included:

  • information about “franny, the shop” opening soon
  • seejaneblog business card

plus everything needed to make a mini pom pom garland:

  • three pom poms
  • string {yarn}
  • one large yarn darning needle

seejaneblog business card gift bags

you simply thread the needle, and pull it right through the middle of each pom pom!  slide the poms to where you want them, and voila!

mini yarn ball garland kit via seejaneblog

a little pom-pom happiness you can hang anywhere!

mini pom pom garland via seejaneblog

since many of you read about Alt. summit, but don’t have the opportunity to go, or don’t have a reason to go – and i didn’t get to meet you there — i’d love to send ten of these little kits to ten seejaneblog readers! if you are interested in a mini pom pom garland kit, leave a comment below on this post and i will announce ten winners on Monday morning, February 10th! {fyi: colors vary in every kit.} good luck!

my new online shop will be opening soon! so exciting.


the winners are:

#1 McKenzie Hintze, #4 Nessie, #16 Jenny, #17 Blakely, #22 Brayli Holt,
#24 Mary, #30 Andrea, #32 Rachel, #40 Maria, #46 Nat.

please email me with your current mailing address! xo!

{all photos by me, Jane Rhodes. garland kit graphics by lovely lindsay for seejaneblog.}

48 responses to “mini pom-pom garland kit”

  1. I’m so excited your online shop will be opening soon!!:) I love reading your blog:) I’d love a mini garland kit too:)

  2. I love your blog and can’t wait for your on-line store. Pom-poms…what fun! I’d love to string them on top of my blackboard at school.

  3. Alt looked like so much fun! You are the Pom Pom queen for sure! …and your mini kits are adorable! You’re so talented and I’m excited for your shop to open!!

  4. Jane I would die to win this, i seriously love love your blog!! I found you through a friend Vanessa Rae, she took your family pictures and thats when I got hooked! You are so creative and talented, pick me!!!!!

  5. I think I’ll put together a kit for my daughter so she can make one of these for her room. This is a great idea for her.

  6. Can’t wait to check out your shop! I love how you always have a fun project in the works! I love the business card presentation! HOPE I WIN ONE!!!

  7. So excited for Franny to open!!! And so excited to have a chance to win one of these little kits. So cute!!!

  8. You are so creative! I can’t wait for your shop to open. I would love to have the chance to win one of these! Adorable!

  9. This is such a fun idea! It was so nice to meet you in person when you were here in Utah for Alt. (I was the girl at J.Crew). Your dress looked really cute with the pink belt by the way! Crossing my fingers hoping I win. Good luck with your shop opening!

  10. How clever and darling! I can just imagine the hordes of fellow-bloggers at Alt looking for the uber-cool lady with the Mini Pom-Pom Kit business card bags! Brilliantly executed, Jane. Brilliantly. 😉

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