My head is still buzzing from mingling on tuesday evening…

the mingle scene.

Shelby and I, equipped with door prizes for the guests.

Color. I am so glad that everyone brought their shining beauty, and joined in the fun.

We had 2 official photographers working mingle this time, Justin Hackworth and Ashley Thalman. Go take a look at the photos here and here.  They did an outstanding job. Plus, they’re really cool people and fun to hang out with! (The images on this post were shot by them.)

I met so many wonderful people at mingle@soel! Old friends and new. While mingling, I always wish there were three of me, so I could manage the event, play in the photo booth, and visit with the guests all at once! There are so many wonderful people to talk to! i can’t say enough how important it is to connect with other bloggers that have common interests. it’s so refreshing and uplifting.

Most of all, it’s hugely satisfying to see the decorations, food, and sponsors I’ve been working on over the last few weeks come to life. Mingle is one of my happy places. Maybe I will see you there next time…

I am going home with 2 extra suitcases – they are packed with my favorite bread {25 loaves!}, our favorite treat {25 pounds!}, and a few new items for our new home. while i am en route to Boston – we are moving! Husband and the kiddos are the best, I packed most of the house before my trip, and they are boxing up all that’s left + overseeing our move today. when I arrive in Boston, I’ll be driving to our new home. I have butterflies in my stomach for the next chapter of our adventure that lies ahead. I’m excited.

Before I sign-off for the weekend, I wanted to share some fun news. Sam, via Studio on Fire emailed me today, and told me my business card was a winner at the AIGA MN Annual Design Show! They just posted the winner’s website yesterday. congrats to Sam for a great design! woo*hoo!!!

See you all back here on monday – xo.

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  1. I wish I could have been there! Looks like it was so fun!

    P.S. 25 pounds of chocolate covered cinnamon bears?! I would be in heaven!

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