maybe, the dumbest movie ever…

the box.

disappointing, to say the least.
we considered leaving in the middle,
but had to wait it out to see if the end would improve.

we should have left early.

sometimes bad movies spawn great discussion later.
nope. not even one great discussion.

{we wouldn’t have pushed the button}

2 responses to “maybe, the dumbest movie ever…”

  1. This is the movie I saw with my mom and sister – BIG dissappointment. The only discussion it spawned with us were the HUGE flaws in the story line and editing. Like seriously, what were they thinking? It's almost as if they just rushed to get it finished. SO stupid.

  2. Oh, and P.S., totally would NOT have pushed the button either. I loved it when the guy came to pick up the box and told them he would be giving it to "someone they did not know". That part was poetic and deserving.

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