may day fishing

I remember “may day” as a kid in Washington state, my grandpa would help me make little bouquets of flowers, he was an amazing gardener. I would leave the bouquets on the neighbors doorsteps, ring the doorbell and run. Did anyone else ever do this? Door-ditching and leaving flowers even got me in our local paper one year, just for keeping the tradition alive…

This year, I spent my “may day” fishing with my girl. Kiana’s 5th grade teacher is a fishing enthusiast. They have been planning a fishing field trip to Deer Creek Reservoir, but with all the rain and snow melt the fishing conditions there are less than ideal. So, one of the boys in the class, his family offered to let us use their beautiful property up hobble creek canyon with a pond stocked full of fish. I tagged along to make sure no one fell in the river, and to hang out with my girl while she fished. I was definitely no help with the actual fishing. It was catch & release, but Kiana’s teacher was a great help and Kiana was never forced to actually touch her bait {worms} or release her own fish {eek!}. I learnt so much about fishing, I now know what a good crankbait setup looks like! I think every kid caught a fish looong before Kiana did, she had to be patient. But, once she started catching them – they kept coming… I would definitely like to take a fishing trip somehwere else, maybe one that is Located in Key West, FKF Charters looks like they have some great fishing trips so I may have to do some research in my spare time. My friend went on one and said it was really good!

{fish number one}
{fish number two}
this little bobber was my entertainment for a while… One of the kids caught a fish, and it got away too quick before they got the hook/line out. So, he spent a good amount of time swimming around the pond with the bobber following him. It was hilarious!
{fish number three}

It turned out to be a fantastic day of fishing. No rain, a beautiful pond. The kids had a blast, and we continue to adore Ms. Shumway – thanks for planning a great field trip!

happy may day!

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  1. Jane, that is so cool. my grandpa was also a good gardener and my grandma used to teach me how to pick the flowers and hang them to dry. although i never put them on door steps and ran, my grandma used to tell me that she would do that when she was a little girl. ah …the memories!

  2. That’s pretty cool! My kids have never done a recreational field trip with their school. I like that Ms. Shumway did that. Looks like fun:)

  3. That is the funnest field trip ever! And that’s my kind of fishing…no touching of fish or bait involved.

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