massachusetts beaches

this summer we were all about celebrating the long-standing-summer traditions we’ve always cherished,
while also reminding ourselves to start a few of our own new ones here in mass.

so. we went hunting for our favorite beach in massachusetts. i tried to find out exactly how many beaches there are in MA, and didn’t have any luck. so, let me tell you – there are a lot. and we’ve made it to five. however, we did visit those five more than once each. sometimes we’d try a new one, and like it so much we’d have to visit it a few times before choosing another new one. my friend told me that there are so many lovely beaches in the california area. they also have whale watching california around their beaches which my friend tells me is great.

how do we rate our beaches? cleanliness is important + the waves. my little mister really likes to boogie board, so we only visit beaches with promising waves. we consider travel time to/from the beach, parking, food availability {however, we do pack our own food too for the day}, and restrooms. with all of that said —– here’s our summer 2012 beach reviews:

nahant is dear to our hearts because it was the first beach we went to last summer after our move to Boston. It’s the closest beach to us, about a 30 minute commute, and the best waves – especially in september. however, i’m not sure what happen between 2011 and 2012, but this summer it has not been clean. we’ve been really disappointed.

nantasket is cute, and quaint because it offers a covered carousel ride near the beach, and an ice cream shop. the waves do come – but you wait a long time in-between sets at this beach, waiting.

duxbury beach is incredible. the town of duxbury is oozing with charm, the drive offers views of beautiful, traditional, new england coastline homes. the beach is six miles of beautiful sand, so even when the beach is crowded there is plenty of room for everyone. the bridges, snack shop & restaurant are adorable – begging to be photographed. the only downfall: the waves are not great. but they are good for little kids – sela learned to boogie board here this summer. we still chose to go repeated times to enjoy everything duxbury beach offers!

good harbor beach. this beach was my husbands favorite! it’s very unique with all that it offers. the parking is good, the snack shack and restrooms are great, the water was warmer than any other beach we visited, there are low tide pools all-over where the kiddos can catch shrimp and crabs with little nets, and the waves are as good as any other beach we went to. the only downfall: it’s a long drive from our home. we went to good harbor once this summer, but plan on going back next summer!

south beach. this beach is in edgartown on martha’s vineyard. so, obviously, there is a long commute via ferry. the beach is beautiful. there is no snack shack, and while the waves are the largest waves we found this summer – they crash short, fast, and hard. you can’t ride them in on any type of board. regardless, a day in edgartown is delightful.

our beach routine is predictable — wake up, put on swimsuits, pack lunches – sandwiches, drinks, fresh fruit, crackers, salami, and cheese. pack towels and a large beach blanket, find some special toys for the sand, and we head out for the adventure. once at the beach, we choose a spot, spread out our stuff, relax, play, and eat. the shores we visit become familiar, and i love the feeling of being so content in a big and busy world. this new tradition, is simple and good.

{photos by me, jane beckner rhodes}

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  1. Love these photos! I’ll be spending next week on the Cape and this post definitely got me even more excited for it. Glad to see you’ve been enjoying this hot summer!

  2. Love your beach reviews! It really makes me really want to go swimming, actually. 😉

    Mass looks like such a beautiful place. The very last photo is what I picture when I think of the coast.

  3. Have you ever been to Horseneck beach in Westport? Huge waves, and super fun. Lots of eating options, our fave is The Back Eddy.

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