Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

It snowed [again] and the neighborhood came out to play! Geoff Granum brought out the “Rhino!”
Below, Geoff, Chase, and Myla Geoff pulling Kiana [literally.]Boston & MylaDusty & KJ on the Rhodes 4-wheeler, pulling Alli, Boston, and Myla. Myla kept flying off the end of this sled when Dusty went over jumps. I think she was trying to fly off…
KJ loved the Granum’s snowball maker, I have never seen one of these – it was awesome! Shannon brought out syrup and the kids were making snow cones!me, Shannon [Hayes], Caryn, & DaphneWhen everyone was done sledding and frozen, Jen Granum was a sweetheart and had everyone to their house for cocoa & lunch, it was a blast! Thanks Jen!

4 responses to “Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

  1. Great day! I love the picture of Geoff, chase and Myla – can you email it to me. And, FYI, those were MY snowball makers and I got them at Parks.

  2. Holy neighborhood fun!
    It looks like you had a blast!
    It’s good to hear from you!
    What a cute family you have!

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