marblehead, massachusetts

my kids are on spring break this week, so we went exploring in marblehead, massachusetts yesterday.  and since spring has officially arrived here in boston we’ve been enjoying what nature has to offer daily.  we made three stops, two were recommended by a friend and the other we found all on our own – which i love. we also ate lunch at a cute, classic new england cafe’, and visited the local toy shop for kites and yo-yos. it was one of my favorite days in new england so far.

the first stop was castle rock –

castle rock, marblehead massachusetts via seejaneblog

marblehead, massachusetts via seejaneblog copy

at castle rock copy

sitting on castle rock via seejaneblog

hiking castle rock at marblehead massachusetts via seejaneblog

sitting with my girls on castle rock via seejaneblog

our second stop was chandler hovey park, but i didn’t snap any pictures here. you can take a peek at how cute it is on this site.

our third stop was devereux beach…

flying kites at devereux beach in marblehead massachusetts via seejaneblog

flying kites on devereux beach via seejaneblog

swinging at devereux beach via seejaneblog


they want to hold hands, swinging at devereux beach via seejaneblog

i can honestly say marblehead is one of my favorite places in new england. the kids and i can’t wait to go back this summer.

spring is trying so hard to stay, but it’s still inconsistent. sunny and seventy one day, misty and fifty-two the next, the one thing about living in cold weather, you really appreciate spring…

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