male bloggers?

hey. readers of my blog…

i am just about to begin a blog design project for a friend of mine who is a very successful-branded male in this area, across the U.S.A., and internationally…

before i begin, i am hoping to scout out some great male blogs…

i wanna see what’s out there –
by your recommendations…

the idea of googling “men’s blogs”, “male blogs”, and/or hitting the “next blog button” that blogger offers will likely take me to things i don’t wanna see.

i don’t care if it’s a sports blog, political blog, family blog, whatever the purpose {assuming it’s appropriate} i wanna see it…for inspiration.

please give me some tips!

leave a comment below, with the blog URL, and i’ll check it out!

{{{thank you!}}}


13 responses to “male bloggers?”

    These guys are old high school friends, ages 25-ish. is my step dad's blog. Age 49. This blog is all about Sports in Utah. Mind you…. he's a U of U fan over BYU.

    Hope this can help in some way.

    If you visit these blogs be sure to comment and say LACI AND SHELLE SENT YA!

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