malawi’s pizza…

“pizza with a purpose”

for every meal you purchase at malawi’s,
they donate a healthy meal to an orphan in malawi, africa.
{meals for meals}

ummm, how cool is that?
{sounds a lot like toms, love them too!}

this is the latest pizza joint in utah county.
don’t be fooled by the african-theme,
because there is no african food,
only italian.

the menu boasts healthy italian flare,
with a big open atmosphere.

my girlfriends and i have pretty much fallen in love with this place.

we’ve been going there regularly for a few months now,
so it was the perfect destination for a little pre-christmas lunch
before we all split up and head in different directions the next few weeks.

and, better yet. seven more meals went to orphans in malawi, africa.

if you go, make sure to order a dessert pizza. oooh-la-la.

3 responses to “malawi’s pizza…

  1. ok, so everyone in this picture looks gorgeous with beautiful teeth and then their is me!! what the crap? haha
    delete. delete. delete!!! o well in a few months i'll be smiling very very big!

  2. P.s LOVE you girls!!! and glad we got together one last time before EVERY one of you leave me for Christmas break!! haha

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