Lunch date with daddy

Dusty is the ever so popular dad at Kiana & Myla’s elementary school. He guarantees a lunch date with him at least once a week. The girls take turns choosing what he brings to school, but he’s known to show up with an extra bucket of KFC chicken for ALL of their friends! Sometimes if it’s nice weather they go outside and picnic on the school lawn. Today, to change it up a little, KJ and I joined the girls and Daddy and went to the mall for lunch! It was a 30-minute jam-packed lunch with Sbarro pizza, and “Mountain Fun.” We of course HAD to sit at the little tables! If you haven’t been to Univ. mall lately, “Mountain Fun” is a new rides/arcade by the food court that is really awesome because obviously, it’s NEW = CLEAN! Love that. You can put money on a card and then the kids just slide it through a little “swipey” on each game – Myla loved this and won a big stuffed teddy bear on her 3rd try on one of the “crane” games. Kiana was totally baffled that we were out of time and she couldn’t stay to win one too since her LITTLE sister did!

4 responses to “Lunch date with daddy”

  1. kiana is a little Competitor!;)
    I never even knew that they had a game area there, it looks so cute!

    Dusty is such a cute dad! Does he ever work. hee hee

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