low-carb snacks

This is so yummy! My dear friend Susan Bland {a.k.a. Spicy} told me about her latest greatest snack, and it’s this –

Apple cinnamon rice cakes & Almond Butter. The first night I made it, I used peanut butter because I am a BIG peanut butter fan and because I didn’t have any almond butter. I have since bought almond butter and even being prejudice to peanut butter, I must admit, the almond butter is very yummy and has 0 sodium compared to peanut butters high sodium, otherwise, the nutritional content between the two are identical.
Also, a favorite stand-by for me is – corn nuts…but I’ve been told it’s common for people to break a tooth chewing them, so, please chew carefully!

5 responses to “low-carb snacks”

  1. I too am a Peanut Butter fan, Almond butter is ok, but i am sure it’s really good on the Rice cakes. I will have to give that a try!

  2. I love the peanut butter too-Have you ever tried nuttella, and how does that compare to nutritional value vs p-butter? Just curious.

  3. I love the almond butter. Although I found out the hard way that some raw, organic versions are more than $20 for a tiny jar – woops!
    p.s. I have been using the Myoplex shakes as an afternoon snack. Love them – thanks for the tip (and all the new snack tips too)!

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