love is in the air…

cupid flew by our house last night…

this morning, myla woke up first, went downstairs and spotted the goods. She came right back upstairs to wake up everyone else so she could see what her surprises were.

myla was also the child who woke up first on Christmas morning.

i decided it would be fun to give our kids their valentine’s early. that way they could enjoy their shoes, fun little toys, etc. all week while they are at school making their valentine’s day arts & crafts…

5 responses to “love is in the air…”

  1. Great Idea! I already gave them all their little heart clothes, shoes, Jammies so i guess next year i can be alot cuter about it!
    SUPER CUTE Idea!

    I love Valentines day!

  2. I ‘love’ the pins on the corkboard!
    How are you? I’ve spent many a minutes checking out what you’ve been up to! I’ve missed a ton!
    Happy love week!

  3. I love the early surprise. It makes the holiday last a bit longer rather than being over in a flash. The push pins are adorable – may have to get myself a bulleting board!

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