love is in the air…

i don’t go crazy with decorations for valentine’s day,
almost nothing compared to christmas.
but i like to have a few accents here and there,
to keep things festive with my kiddos.

after all, we are celebrating our love.

my pot rack in the kitchen and my chalkboard wall have become my favorite spots to decorate this past year ~

{…take some baker’s twine & heart doilies, and you can create a very inexpensive garland.}

i am proud of myself for keeping things simple, this valentine’s day.
trying really hard to keep with my resolutions.


do you have valentine’s day traditions? i tend to do something different every year. this year, i thought it would be really fun to have a crush party, and to make hershey-kiss-trails coming out of each of the kids’ rooms, so on valentine’s day morning they would each follow their own trails to find their goodies… i read the idea in this months family fun magazine. {i can’t find a link to it.}

any other ideas??? please share!

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  1. {jane}~
    i loved your 'suckers for valentines' post so much, i did the same for my kids and hubby!
    thanks for the idea:)

  2. Having a bigger family (6 of us in total) my parents did most valentines activities at home to save money. One that I always loved was my mom would cut out 5 hearts for each of us; we'd write in the hearts (one sentence) what we love about each member of our family. At night while we slept my Mom would put all of our heart messages under our pillows and in the morning we were allowed to read them as we were waking up.

    I definitely intend to do it with my own kids someday! 🙂

  3. Natasha, that is the most sweet thing ever, we will totally be starting that tradition as a family— thank you for sharing!


  4. Hi Jane! Im a new reader to your blog.. I found it from Saras, whos I found last year when little Bronson was in the hospital. Turns out, her father in law is our old bishop. Best man ever. Small world!

    Anyways, I love your blog and your creativity. I just recently quit my full time job to stay home, and am loving the free time I have to make memories with my kid(s)..

    This year for Vday I bought 5 little tin buckets from the Target dollar bin. I put little knick knacks(big sparkley bouncy ball, heart gum, vday pez dispenser) in each pail, along with a scavenger hunt clue (and of course a little tissue paper for decoration) My daughter absolutely loves scavenger? treasure? hunts.. They end gift is just a little vday bag with a little present.. A cute hat and toblerone rose..

    Anyways, theres my vday idea. I may also include some hershey kisses from her bedroom to her first pail clue. Love that idea!!

    Im a long winded follower 🙂 Sorry!!

  5. oh funny small world..the Crush Party was an idea that started with some friends of mine in SF and then several years ago Catherine, featured in your link, starting throwing one in New York too…I threw one in Boston about six years ago and it's still one of my favorite parties EVER. I'll have to dig up some photos from it…I had literally HUNDREDS of pieces of polaroid film leftover from a work project and four cameras. We had so much fun taking photos in the booth all night. We also had a surprise visit from a friend dressed up as the hairiest chested Cupid you ever did see.

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