Love, 15, 30, 40…

my moosey has been playing tennis for about 18 months now, and her heart strings are attached to the sport. i think she has actually decided to weed-out other sports this coming spring & summer to continue down the tennis road.

during the past 18 months, she’s been attending saturday morning tennis tournaments at our local tennis club. these are small tournaments for the kids to practice in preparation for real tournaments…

and, her first real tournament was a couple of weeks ago…

she is now a registered player with the UTSA, and i think she’s even more hooked than before.

prior to her first match, she was soooo nervous.

she kept leaning over to me, and saying,
“dear God, please don’t let me die of being nervous…or fall on my face!”

that last part, is because she fell on her face during practice last month, she was going for a ball really fast & didn’t have time to drop her racket and get her hands down to catch herself. she stayed home from school the next day, waiting for the swelling in her lips/cheek to go down before braving the public.

in the end, she didn’t fall on her face during the tournament!!!

she had 3 matches, including one outside. no, she didn’t win any – but, there was a huge learning curve. the players must run these matches all on their own. they call all their own balls out for their opponents, keep score, focus on playing well. they are not allowed to speak to any adults during their games for help {which can be very challenging as the parents!!!} – only their opponent. so, there is a LOT to deal with. from her first game to her last – she really improved. and, we look forward to many more days of watching moosey play!

most importantly, she loves it.

also…her first tournament playing doubles & her new doubles partner {hallie!}—
i just love the matching tennis outfits!

this winter, myla has also been playing futsol for the first time with her regular-season-competition-soccer team. she loves it. futsol popped up a few years ago, in these parts. if it’s new to you, it’s indoor soccer + a harder surfaced floor + a heavier ball + everything moves quicker. it’s great for improving foot work. but, mighty fast.

{photos by me.}

4 responses to “Love, 15, 30, 40…”

  1. i can't even tell you how awesome it is to see her at such a young age playing in tournaments!!
    I LOVE TENNIS! If i could pick a sport for my daughter it would be this.
    Something you can play your whole life! I played on a 3.0 league for a summer and i know the feeling of stress and panic right before the game.
    when my baby goes to kindergarten i am so back to playing this game!
    fun fun!!

    LOVE her tennis outfit! she's so adorable.

  2. i started playing tennis in the third grade and played all through high school. i love it and think it is such a great sport for kids.

  3. Her swing looks awesome! She is giving me the bug to play tennis again, and not just park tennis but tennis league tennis. Stick with it, Myla! Tennis is awesome and it is one sport that girls can beat boys!

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