lost and found

This is our biggest collection of lost and found items yet!

Apparently, a few people went home without shoes, coats, or underwear on NYE!{you can click the picture above to view closer, if any of the items are YOURS, please stop by and pick them up – they will be donated to the D.I. in about 2 weeks!}

3 responses to “lost and found

  1. Seriously funny! You are nicer than me… I would not want to hold onto it for 2 weeks, the coats yes, the rest… no way.

  2. Okay can I claim the white coat as Maycee’s and the blue bowl!! I can come and get it whenever it’s best just let me know.

  3. ok so remember when we thought someone took Boston’s shoes the night of Myla’s party? Well those are his blue converse! Unless they look like KJ’s size!

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