long weekend.

i realized long ago that in the ‘self-employed world’ {my husband is the sole-owner of his sportswear company},
there is never really an ideal time to take a vacation.

but sometimes you just must break away – and this year, we are trying to break away on a regular basis to explore the east coast.

…this upcoming three-day weekend we are headed with the kids to washington d.c. to see the fall foliage, monuments, and visit with some family.

what are your plans?


see you next week!

{image found here.}

8 responses to “long weekend.”

  1. Enjoy! We went to DC this summer for a few days-never enough time-there’s so much to see and soak in!! Don’t forget DC Cupcakes(and Sprinkles)in Georgetown! Squeeze it in with all of the history and monuments-it’s worth it!

  2. It’s the elk hunt this weekend. I’m sure a lot of wives here in Utah are planning around this. And the dead elk soon to at our/their houses. (i’m not a fan) Have a nice time.

  3. Never been to the East Coast! It’s definitely on our bucket list! We are heading to Woodenville, WA to stay at the Willows Lodge next to Chateau St. Michelle winery. Every year my husband’s company throws a party in the fall to celebrate the successes of the year. Should be fun! Have fun and safe travels, Jane!

  4. wow those fall leaves are beautiful…is that your neighborhood? Hope you all have a great time in DC…we were there several years ago and there is so much to see and do…It’s an amazing place and we sure enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see pictures of what you did there.

  5. those yellow leaves are so beautiful. hope you enjoyed a weekend away with the fam 🙂 i love reading your blog. it’s my fave. that picture of you and dusty with sela on her birthday is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. i love it.

    i MISS you. and your kiddos. looks like you guys are having a blast and livin’ it up in boston. thank goodness for blogging so i can still keep up with you guys!

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