I have always been drawn to letterpress. I love the detailed, traditional process involved with the craft. When I see a letterpress design that I admire, I instinctively find myself running my fingers over the indentions of the print to thoroughly experience it’s beauty. If you don’t have this fondness for paper, you may think I’m nuts – I’m guessing most people never understand or they are well into their adult life till they have an idea of how much work is involved in this method of printing. Hard work and dedication goes into every letterpress piece.

All of this lead me to this idea: with Sela’s birthday approaching, I wanted to use letterpress invitations for her birthday party – created locally. And, I thought it would be so cool if my kids and I could experience the process of the cards being created. With this idea, I turned to a local letterpress studio – Paper Bandit Press. I shared with them my idea, and they warmly welcomed us into their studio last weekend.

letterpress lessons, seejaneblog

letter press lessons, seejaneblog

letter press up close, seejaneblog

sela letter press, seejaneblog

sela learning letter press, seejaneblog

sela at paper bandit press, seejaneblog

By visiting this studio, Kim and Brett Borup, the owners, allowed us to peek into their life filled with works of art. They were so kind, and patient explaining the meticulous attention to detail that is required with each step of the process.

Sela and KJ ran from one step to the next they were so interested and amused with helping.

letter press equipment, seejaneblog

letter press lesson, seejaneblog

paper bandit press letterpress, seejaneblog

fall style, seejaneblog

letter press student, seejaneblog

kj learning letter press, seejaneblog

The simple and complex tools of letterpress are an equal beauty to the works of art they create —

letter press tools, seejaneblog

heidelberg, seejaneblog

siblings together, seejaneblog

family letterpress lesson, seejaneblog

I was thrilled that my kids were able to experience first-hand the work that went into creating the invitations. Paper Bandit Press was so generous to allow us into their world. And KJ now believes he was meant to grow up and become a letterpress printer.

lets flamingle letter press, seejaneblog

selabration letter press, seejaneblog

Photos by: the talented Mindy Johnson.

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  1. Those invitations look great! Although I don’t have a paper obsession 😉 I can still appreciate a clean, crisp look like that one. The photos you chose for this post were priceless. I remember reading your blog when Kiana and Myla were hardly teenagers; look how much they have all grown! Such beautiful teenagers and preteens they are all turning out to be.

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