lets get to work people!

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”
~ picasso
happy weekend!
what are your plans?!?
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3 responses to “lets get to work people!

  1. Jane,
    i noticed that you removed a post from yesterday, or maybe its hidden, but i cannot see it anymore.
    i have tried and tried to find how to contact you via email, but cant find it on your blog…i technology challenged!!! first off, i wanted the names of the books you referenced (i believe there were 2)…can you please email me the names of those books???

    –thanks, kelly

    a very dedicated reader from san antonio!!!!!

    my email is kellybelly372 at hotmail dot com


  2. Dance, dance, and more dance. Gotta love weekend competitions 🙂

    I liked your "sex talk" post. I also have a very open relationship with my mother. It seems weird that I will be having this talk with my own daughter in just 2 short years 🙂 thanks for all your advice. I've never been sure on exactly how to go about it. Your post helped a lot!

  3. My husband's parents NEVER talked about sex, your body or anything else associated with "private matters" which I find too bad. We were raised with a very open door policy, and compared to the stuff that's not just out there, but more openly discussed and a LOT less sacred (NOT a religious reference)it's even more necessary to have that kind of communication. The conversations get harder and more uncomfortable as your children enter JR/SR High School, and you'd better hope you've been up front with them.

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