Left home with the kids!

Soooooo many people were wondering where little Janey went. Well, she was just going up the canyon to spend a few nights. Then Sara called and told her about Angie having this extra free coupon given her by Elen Degeneres for beating up the idiot that robbed their cash store and then got greedy (sorry couldn’t find the video on youtube). Anyway it is a week stay free at the Westin Grand- Our Lucaya Resort in the Bahamas.
35,000 miles redeemed later and Janey was off. She’s called several times… each time the answer is the same from her after I ask what she’s doing: “Laying on the beach.”

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  1. oh honey, it looks FABULOUS!! I can’t wait to hear the Reviews, this may be our new “Anniversary Getaway” 😉

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