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dusty has returned to “friday lunches with big papi!” this is a big benefit of papi’s offices being two blocks away from our kids school.

dusty either takes the kids their favorite fast food or checks them out of school for 30 minutes and runs them somewhere to eat.

this is definitely the highlight of their lunch-week!

{picture taken with dusty’s cell phone}


dusty, danny, and i are thirteen days in

thirteen days ago we committed {bets included} to three months of no sugar {low-low-carb) and we’re doing good! of course the guys are eating more brown rice & grains than i am…because their goals are different than mine. but, we all measured ourselves, danny even took before pictures and until thanksgiving – no matter what holiday, birthday, or vacation arises, we will not be eating candy, cupcakes, white breads, cakes, cookies, pasta, etc. and then after thanksgiving these treats will still be in great moderation.

the results so far? in the first week: danny lost ELEVEN pounds! dusty lost four pounds, and i lost five pounds. it’s hard, really hard at times, but holy schmoly the health benefits are outrageous.


i have struggled with sleeping for years. not sure why. and about eighteen months ago i discovered that taking tylenol pm was the perfect remedy to my sleep deprivation. with my doctors permission i could take it every night without any worry of addiction. but, after eighteen months of taking it every night i’ve began to dislike the fact that i feel like i need it. so, along with my “no-sugar” commitment above…i have not taken tylenol pm for the past two weeks! and, i’m sleeping pretty good. i’ve had a couple nights where i struggled to sleep and struggled even more to stay in bed and not get up all night to work on projects. but, i’m very proud of myself with the positive results so far.

a sub-category goal for this is that i am trying really really hard to make myself go to bed every night by midnight. i’m a night owl by nature. i’ve managed to do this for about five weeks now. minus one night, which was last night. i stayed up to work on the project below…


ta-da! my first completed 3d-design project for my 3d-design class this semester. we had to find an object that we could make a wire-replica of, then add a “found” object to it. i used this female bust i have, and added the newspaper dress. i also used this bust for my still object in photography class last winter, so i now have a little design collection with it as the theme.

i will shamelessly admit, i totally love it!


we are in the midst of outdoor soccer {pictures coming soon.} with three kids playing, we go to an extra nine soccer events a week. that’s right, NINE. all three kids have one practice, and two games a week. three more weeks to go. This is all on top of our normal dance, piano, tennis, homework, and art schedules. can you say busy? we love every minute of it!


i am planning sela-bella’s 3rd birthday party, she has been enthralled lately with princesses. and the plans are soooo adorable! can’t wait to share, in a couple more weeks {after the party.}



6 responses to “lately…”

  1. oooo, i am a bad sleeper as well and Tylenol PM is the only helpful thing…i'm proud of you for trying to quit. Being a night owl is a hard habit to break-I may join you in your goal though…it's hard to be an adult AND a vampire.

    Lunches with Big Pappi is the cutest thing ever. Filing that one away for my future maybe kids.

  2. i love your 3d project… this is so up your alley all this "Art" stuff!! Love it!

    Jenn and I are on our first week of sugar free {low low carb} and i lost 5 lbs so far. Yahoo!! I love how i feel about day 4…
    Way to go Danny though, that is quite impressive!

    I am super impressed with how many soccer games you have been too, holy cow! I have one child in all of this and i feel busy… I do however LOVE it!

    Your "super mom" on top of planning all these parties, you even thought of cute ideas for mine… seriously who are you? 😉

  3. How fun for the kids to have lunch with their dad-that is awesome! I LOVE your wire sculpture it is awesome! And congratulations on your 13 days sugar free-that is awesome!

  4. Busy, busy, busy!:) I loved your art project! The newspaper dress is darling. And congrats on cleaning up your food. It's soooo hard! I will probably always have an unhealthy love for chocolate, natch! Good for you guys! As for Danny, 11 lbs. in 2 weeks? Phenomenal!

  5. Your project is adorable! One of the benefits of kicking the tylenol pm addiction. 😉 It sounds like you are detoxifying totally. SO HARD! As you know, Shannon and I have been doing it as well. I've also been running 5 days a week. Trying to get ready for the Honolulu marathon in December (Geoff and I will only do the half-marathon – still 13 miles!)
    Keep going girl! How are you ever going to make it through your delicious Halloween party? My favorite time of friends, fun, and comfort food for the entire year!

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