last saturday…

these two little girlies are the cutest of friends.

last week, they were both going to be fairies in their dance recital, and being a fairy required special fairy make-up!

so, my friend rebecca and i decided to take our girls to lunch after their morning rehearsals… we all had lunch at the nordstrom cafe’, and then headed right on over to the mac counter.

this was their first time, for both girls, at the mac counter for makeovers. {obviously!}

omgosh. i was rolling. these two cutie-patooties were crack-ups! they loved every minute of it & i was dying at some of their expressions in the pictures!

i will let the pictures speak for themselves:

oh my my – two gorgeous little fairies!
we love the mac-make-up stylists!
sela wants to grow-up and be one of them!!!

…in fact, i caught her at kj’s baseball game this week, putting make-up on all the other little girls under the bleachers! we had to have a little chat about sharing lip-gloss with strangers, eeeks!

{more to come about the recital!}

{all photos by me.}

5 responses to “last saturday…”

  1. ok, i love love love this!! how stinkin adorable. and addison is getting so big. love it!

    i remember just a few weeks ago sela & livi putting makeup on eachother in her closet. haha she may be the next makeup artist! too cute!

  2. Oh my heck! Those this little girls are so dang cute! I love how they don’t ever look directly at the camera! Seriously, so adorable!

  3. I will never know the pleasures of having a princess – maybe granddaughters 🙂 They look so proud!

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