i’ve set this goal to have our christmas shopping finished in the next week{s.}

i made a final stop by toy’r’us just this afternoon, would you believe on a thursday at noon there were like 500 people there?!? insane i tell you!

in the midst of my shopping online or rather, searching for the perfect gifts, i found this stocking.

{you really must click on the link to see the small child peeking inside of it to get a GOOD perspective of how BIG it is!}

…if only i was good at knitting, i would make SIX of these for our family. Or if they weren’t $228.00 each, i might consider just buying six. bummer that neither of these things are true. {sigh} i would just love to stuff them full for everyone!

{i LOVE the holidays!}

4 responses to “larger-than-life”

  1. Anthropologie has the best things. Just seeing this gets me so excited for Christmas. We're in full prep swing over here too.

    Happy planning/shopping to you!

  2. It is so exciting to get ready for Christmas! My kids ask me everyday if it's their birthday yet. I told them when i get all the Christmas stuff out then it's close. I told myself NOT to decorate until Thanksgiving! It's very hard. 😉

    Way to go with the Christmas shopping. You go girl!

  3. Good for you to be done so early. I want to be done by Thanksgiving so I can relax and enjoy the holiday season. Good thing about not having a lot of shopping here is that my choices are limited. I may be able to get it all done in a couple of days!

    That stocking is so cute!

  4. Holy crap that is a huge stocking. Just think if you did get them they could double as sleeping bags!
    WTG on holiday shopping, haven't even thought about it!

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