Lake Powell 2015

When Dusty and I were in college – I was in the Alpha Phi sorority, and he was in the Sigma Chi fraternity. Each spring his fraternity would “marry” my sorority and go on a greek honeymoon to Lake Powell. In the early summer of 1995 we went on our first trip to Powell together and mutually fell in love with the lake… while we continued to fall in love. Cheesy? yes.

Since that year I can make a rough guess that we’ve returned to Powell maybe a dozen or more times. When our kids were all young we spent years going on “couples” trips – we’d fill 1-2 houseboats with about 15 couples sans kids and enjoy the time away from parenting littles. Once our kids were old enough to feel they were safe to be on the lake 24/7 we started going as a family, and as often as possible we make the trip an annual summer event.

Our kids love it as much as we do – whether that’s genetic or we’ve convinced them to love it, the entire week we are at Powell I hear comments like, “this is the best week of my life ever year!” “I wish I lived at Powell all year long!” and my heart smiles because – going to Powell is a LOT of work. Their passion included with ours always makes it worth it!

We make our reservations every year when there’s still snow on the ground. It takes weeks to organize meals, days to do the shopping, hours and hours to do the loading and unloading. And yet, we do it all for these lake filled days that are packed full of untamed laughter and time together. I am still unpacking after being home a few days, the laundry continues, my garage looks unrecognizable. And yet, I will watch this video over and over and over and all the while smiling shamelessly at the goodness. Life is so ruthlessly amazing at times.

We’re already talking about next year…

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  1. I love, love, love your videos and they’ve inspired me to make my own! I was wondering what you do about licensing the music for them? I can’t figure out how to do it for regular music, just stuff that Vimeo provides in their music store.

    Thanks for any help!

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