Ladies & Gentlemen! Boys & Girls!

The Jordan World Circus is in town…

{mystery girl}*Myla*Roslyn*Ezra


Cotton Candy!

Light swords!

Not shown: EXHAUSTED/BROKE parents…

6 responses to “Ladies & Gentlemen! Boys & Girls!”

  1. We went last night too. I think I had more fun watching Mayzie and Hallie, they were so fun. I thought the circus was great though. We had a blast!

  2. How fun for your fam! I love your photo identities–“mystery girl”–made me laugh. Looks like a blast. Yeah they give those “FREE” tickets out to the kids, knowing that the parents will spend a fortune on the inside.

  3. Most people never get to ever ride on a camel. I had to go all the way to Egypt to ride one and it stepped on my foot as I was getting off. Oh well. Lucky little kiddies!

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