Labor day weekend continues – JUMP ON IT!

This was our next activity this weekend… JUMP ON IT! We went out there with both Blanchard families, the Howell boys, and the Blands! When we got there it was a fun surprise that a bunch of our other family friends were also there! It is a new place in Lindon, UT that just opened recently. It’s a warehouse full of trampolines lined up one after another. They have one section where they go up the walls on a 45 degree angle, and another section with basketball Hoops. It was hard to get everyone to pose for pictures because they never wanted to stop JUMPING, so this is the best 3 I got. Dusty is making a shot for the hoop, KJ doing his thing, and a picture of Myla where she kept jumping off this platform. It was a blast, and we highly recommend it!

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