la jolla groves restaurant

as some may know (and many may not), the shops at the riverwoods is under new ownership, and is undergoing extensive remodeling. some businesses have left, which has slightly broken my heart…but it has opened the door for a variety of new businesses to come in.

one such business i’m quite excited for is la jolla groves (pronounced la hoya), the newest riverwoods restaurant. it’s been open for about a month, and i’ve been three times to dine there now!

the owners, blake roney, steve hasler and kent anderson (the chef at la jolla, and also the owner of chef’s table in orem), are bringing orem/provo its very own year-round farmer’s market!

you see, la jolla groves is dedicated to serving local food that is fresh, natural and healthy. in addition to serving such fare in the restaurant itself, they are building out a small farmer’s market attached to the restaurant that will sell such things as local cheeses, breads, meats and more!!!

kiana is a fan of la jolla, too. we agree, that the atmosphere is charming and the restaurant adds real freshness to the local restaurant scene.

everything is priced $7-$20. which is very reasonable for the semi-formal dining atmosphere.

we’ll be back there soon…

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  1. Oh, I'm so happy to read your La Jolla review. Brook and I were thinking about trying it out for our anniversary. You guys have been so busy! It's impossible to keep up with you 🙂 I'm glad you're having a fun filled to the brim summer!

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