KJ’s “water day” at Ivy Hall

The PK and Kindergartners every year at Ivy Hall get to have a water day the last week of school. Jennifer Granum was the Mom in charge and she did such a great job! {of course!} The kids had splashes of fun!
KJ, Dub, & Caden
KJ, Dub, & Caden
Jen planned a little carnival, one of the games was a “cupcake walk”
KJ was walking around the circle with his hands…hmmm.

Caden & Jenn
KJ & Sam{notice KJ’s funky bangs – he gave HIMSELF a haircut a couple of weeks back…}

4 responses to “KJ’s “water day” at Ivy Hall”

  1. That party looked like an absolute Blast! Jenn is “QUEEN” Party Planner.
    I love how it was nice weather for all the kids too, unlike today.

  2. LOL!!!
    Love his hands on his booty!!!
    I totally cut my hair when I was small. KJ looks like he fared better than I did! I was lovingly named short bangs (I know… so clever) by my family!!

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