kj’s very first…

pinewood derby!

cub scouts starts at 6:30pm.

text from dusty at 7:05pm,

“kj is dominating”

Story of the evening:
kj won sixteen races, on the down-low after the races,
he was invited to bring his pinewood derby car to
the ‘boy scouts’ race in march…

he’s so big-time!

2 responses to “kj’s very first…”

  1. omgosh!! His car is PIMP!!! I love it… way to go KJ!!

    we may be at the pinewood derby in March!!! We want to be with all of our buddies…

  2. Ryan's been working on Cole's car and it's not quite turning out like Kj's. Hmmmm???? Is Dusty planning a trip to Japan anytime soon? We may need reinforcements.

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