KJ’s spring preschool program

@ Ivy Hall Academy {4.2.08}
This is Sam, KJ, and Dub with their teacher {on the right} Mrs. Llewelyn and the aid {left} Ms. Kindschy.the buddies…such handsome little men!

a few entertaining highlights of the program…
“When I grow up…”

KJ performing {or lack of performing?}…i realize many of you don’t want to see 20 minutes of video of KJ’s preschool program…but Daddy was out of town for this, and this is where he will check it out. too.

3 responses to “KJ’s spring preschool program”

  1. Darling! Can’t wait for Ttrv to play with KJ and Sam more next year when he’s in their class! Yea! 🙂

  2. Looks like a successful program – withour nose picking this year! Good job KJ! And Dub is abnormally big for a preschooler – what do they feed that kid? Caden needs some of it!

  3. BY they way Jane… KJ gave me the intelligene heirarchy last week… It goes:
    1) Ms. Llewelyn (s’martist pursen in da word)
    2) Mom (almost as s’mart as Ms. Llewelyn)
    3) Ms. Kenshy (pretty s’mart)
    4) Dad (not so s’mart)

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