KJ’s 5th birthday p-a-r-t-y


“Transformers” theme…

guess what?!? we jumped –

go Eddie, go Eddie, go Eddie!!!
this HOT {single} mama is doing a front handspring, what the?!?
She’s {36} years old, whoops, did I just type that?!?
then we had pizza, cake & ice cream –


and, party favors/treat bags!!!

THANK YOU to everyone who came – KJ is in Transformer, Power Ranger, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, etc., etc., toy heaven! We love you all! {{{HUGS}}}

5 responses to “KJ’s 5th birthday p-a-r-t-y”

  1. Happy Birthday, KJ! You are the only other person I know with a K AND a J in their name – you rock!

    This bouncy place looks so fun. What a great place for boys to burn up some of their energy!

  2. happy birthday buddy! I love how his shirt had a “5” on it!
    I can’t believe mindy did a front Handspring in Jeans?!?

    My kids were seriously holding Kj’s presents an hour before the Party, so excuse how they looked! hehe

  3. Cute kids. I swear they jsut keep getting cutier. How fun is that. I wish I would’ve been there. I think I may have pushed down a few kids to get where I needed to go. Jk…DArling!!!

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