KJ + Saw + Dad’s Harley = Nothing Good!

I should have posted this before I went to the Philippines (thanks Jane for the pic). This is what I came home to the day before I left- Rubber part of fender with license plate laying on the ground, saw laying next to it (although it was a hack saw, not this saw). I was horrified of course and immediately looked for Myla or KJ (the only two with devious enough minds to come up with this- my angel Kiana actually has a conscience, and Sela is too young of course… I’m sure she’ll get into a fair amount of trouble… refer to toilet picture in a prevous post). I found KJ playing his XBox (I know, strange). Anyway, here is the conversation that took place:

Dad: KJ! Do you know anything about my license plate being cut off my motorcycle?

KJ: (twitching nervously but continuing to play) yes… (softly)

Dad: KJ did you cut it off?

KJ: (tucking his head low… but continuing his game) yes… (again, very softly)

Dad: KJ! LOOK AT ME! (KJ slowly turns toward me, eyes still trying to see the game) KJ, LOOK AT ME! (KJ looks at me) Did you know you’d get into trouble for doing that?

KJ: (Candid as only a kid can be) After I finished doing it.

Dad: (holding back a smile) KJ, next time you MUST think before you do it that you shouldn’t do it… so you don’t do it.

KJ: (softly) Ok, dad.

Dad: Ok, now give me knuckles… that was pretty funny. BUT DON’T DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT AGAIN!

7 responses to “KJ + Saw + Dad’s Harley = Nothing Good!”

  1. Woo-wee I didn’t know you had a Harley! KJ is too cute to stay mad at. Good thing he has a dad with a sense of humor!

  2. I SWEAR I left a comment on this like 2 days ago… anyway… So SO funny because this would totally happen at our house! Boys… the only difference may be that I’m not sure Matt would’ve given “knuckles” before taking off his belt (which of course, is only a threat, because he’s too big of a softy to actually use it)!

    And it cracks me up that KJ keeps his eyes on the screen and continues playing the XBox while Dusty is trying to talk to him and maintain control… this is all too familiar! 🙂

  3. No way that just happened. He was probably removing evidence for his next trick…taking that thing for a spin! I guess it’s better late than never that his conscience set it AFTER he was done. Knuckles to you for your patience “Big Papi” (at least one Big Papi is coming through this year).

  4. WOW! You are very patient! I think my boys would be dead or severely beaten! At least it was just the license plate and nothing on the body of the bike! Wasn’t last month a tree? Maybe the saws should be kept a little higher?!

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