KJ is a “cereal-eater”

KJ LOVES Dinosaurs, to put it mildly. This week in preschool they have been doing a unit on Dinosaurs and each day while we drive home from preschool he shares his freshly discussed information with me. Yesterday he was going down the list (I can’t even tell you correctly each of the dinosaurs he was talking about) of this dinosaurs eats plants, this dinosaur eats meat and (Dusty chimes in with his so-useful Zoology degree, “and is a carnivore”), this one eats plants (again, enter Dusty with his so-useful info, “and is an herbivore”), this one eats meat and plants (again… “and is an omnivore”)…you get the point. And he turns to me, holding up his lip to show me is strong teeth, and I think he is going to tell me he is a meat eater….so I say, “and KJ has strong teeth so he is a meat and plant eater.” NO, wrong. KJ informs me, “KJ is a cereal eater.” Tongue in cheek, crash went my sense of being a great mom, I now need to change focus – feed children better!

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  1. Holy moly! I didn’t even know this was POSSIBLE!!! This blog stuff? You post on my blog and me on yours? There’s a whole world here I didn’t know existed.

    Things for me to do: 1. Do cooler stuff. 2. Take more pictures of said stuff. 3. Post it all. Or blog it all. Blog it all! I’m almost scared about how much is possible here. I need to ask questions, but I don’t know what those are yet.

    Beautiful family, Jane. Your Sela-bration was incredible. There’s an outside chance that Sela will actually remember the event, given the fun of it all!


  2. So cute!! The things kids say are so funny!
    I ordered my T shirts about Blogging, i can’t wait to see them on the kids! SOOOO cute

  3. I think all kids are cereal eaters! I love cereal, too. KJ is such a cutie – you’ll have to take him to the dinosaur museum. Let me know if you want to go – my kids love it there.

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