kiana’s school birthday party

Kiana had her birthday party in class at school today. She requested krispy kreme donuts and we played a little game. Sela came along, and helped Kiana pass out the hats, etc. Sela loves being in her older siblings classrooms.
kiana’s 5th grade class-there are only 11 students!

We played a totally traditional baby shower game, I sneaked around Kiana’s bedroom and bathroom after she went to school today and chose 11 items {11th birthday} to represent her on this tray. By the way, I just covered the bottom of the tray in a piece of cute wrapping paper to make it a bit snazzier. I let each kid look at the items for about five seconds then when I took it out of the room, they tried to make a list by memory of what was on the tray. I thought 11 items would be so easy, but only Ms. Shumway and Whitney won! The winners received $5 Krispy Kreme gift cards as the prizes to tie into her little theme. Even Kiana didn’t win, and it was her stuff! hehe.
Kiana and Ms. Shumway, she is definitely the world’s best 5th grade teacher! She’s also from New Zealand. Maybe we’re a little bias…

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