Kiana’s a ROCKSTAR!

Kiana’s indoor soccer team was booted up a division this season from U10 to U12, and with that change they also decided to change their name to –


With a new name, must come new uniforms…
thank you, Daddy!

The uniforms came in this week and were brought home, she had to break hers out and try it on tonight – she is #1 just as Myla and I both are on our teams.
I think the jerseys turned out awesome, uber work designing them KC!
{Us soccer mom’s are going to rhinestone their numbers!}

Good Luck Rockstars!

4 responses to “Kiana’s a ROCKSTAR!”

  1. Ooooo! So super cute! AND if there are rhinestones involved, I may have to seriously consider playing soccer with you ladies… (not to mention all the post-baby pounds I could shed running up and down the field behind all of you!) It just sounds better and better all the time! 🙂

  2. Very Very Cute! I cant believe how big Kiana is looking these days! Sheesh where does the time go?! Tell her she looks “rockin!”

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