Kiana got braces!

AFTER –she will have these for the next 8 months, and then a retainer for some time while she waits for the rest of her teeth to come in and then she will have her “real” time in braces in a couple of years. I think its always best to get braces sorted sooner rather than later. If you get any teeth you can in place before the kid turns 11, that is when the jaw permately turns to bone…then those teeth will not move out of place which is what happens to many of as who had braces as a kid when we became adults. There are alternatives to the metal braces she has, so if you’re not keen on these then you can look at something like invisalign. Anyway, she chose hot pink and hot orange bands this first time in honor of Sela’s 1st birthday coming up. If you don’t already know this, Sela’s life and nursery has been themed every color of orange and pink all year. She seems pretty happy with her braces since one of her friends who goes to Dentist New York City also has them too. They look so cute together! So, as we’ve been making plans for her 1st birthday party in just a couple of weeks it of course is those colors.

2 responses to “Kiana got braces!

  1. LOVE the choice of colors for her Braces! I saw her this morning and she looks Adorable!
    Boston will actually be doing the same thing as soon as the two side teeth come in and then he will have them on for 6 mo!
    love the new look of the blog!

    Have fun tonight going out to dinner!!

  2. Kiana – you are beautiful, as always! She will love you when she’s a teenager and all her friends have braces and her teeth are perfect!

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