keep calm and put up your poster.

i’ve seen these posters popping up in the design world for some time now, and have been contemplating hanging one or two of them in our home.

after learning more about the history of where these posters originated, i’m even more drawn to them…


a little history on this poster…

It was one of a series of three posters created by the British propaganda office during World War II, and the only one never displayed publicly.

The others were ‘Freedom is in peril, defend it with all your might’ and ‘Your courage, your cheerfulness, your resolution will bring us victory.’ The posters were distributed throughout the country at the onset of hostilities to encourage an “attitude of mind” rather than a specific aim. “Keep Calm,” was in fact, held on reserve with the intention of only using the command in times of crisis or invasion.

During some of these challenging days of economic distress, public unrest, and natural disaster it is comforting to pay heed to this simple and inspiring WWII mantra.

4 responses to “keep calm and put up your poster.”

  1. i had no idea this was one of three! very cool.

    my sister and i bought them several years ago and it's my favorite thing on my wall. I probably ought to put one up in my office too. keeping calm is not my forte!

  2. love these!

    i just got two keep calm and carry on ones for christmas!

    can't wait to get them framed and up in my house!

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