Kaleidoscope by Barbara Frazier

I love the exposure to the arts I am getting from being in school {again.} Barbara Frazier is my incredibly talented photography teacher and she currently has her own show KALEIDOSCOPE going on at the new{er} Provo Covey Arts Center in downtown Provo. I wish I would have posted this sooner, but I didn’t make it into the gallery until this afternoon, ohhhh, it is so amazing. really. She is a very talented photographer, and mixes all kinds of mediums for her work. You can see in a couple of pictures I posted below how diverse and organic the pieces are.

Barb has a letter in the gallery, where she states,
“Objects in nature and the female figure are reoccurring themes throughout my work…” and “Life is a luminous mystery, a carousel of feelings, lumps, and discoveries. We are all faced with a succession of changing phases and actions that define us…”

I am so drawn into this explanation of life and her experience as she engages in and shares her expressions in art. so. good.

The only downfall, is that her artwork will only be on display until Saturday!!! And maybe not even the entire day on Saturday.

I totally recommend popping in to the gallery and taking a peek.
{it’s free!}

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