juicy details.

about two weeks ago i mentioned on my instagram feed that i was thinking about doing a juice cleanse. a few people who commented said they would also do it if they knew more about it, or wanted more details. after a little research and a few recommendations, this is what i’ll be doing.

i am starting on the 20th, in six days. then, i am going to follow up the cleanse with a diet filled with more fruits & veggies. specifically greens. i think i already eat a lot of veggies – because my diet is typically very low-carb. however, i also eat a lot of meat. meaning: it’s common for me to have meat at every meal. so, i am going to do the juice cleanse for three days, then i am going to cut-back about half of the meat from my diet.

also, i’ve been off soda for over a month! not just diet coke, but ALL carbonated beverages. i don’t notice a big difference in how i feel, but i’m thinking long-term, and it must be healthier.

also, i’ve started a new class. i love it – have you ever tried it? it’s the perfect mix of ballet barre & workout for me.

also, i’ve gone back to yoga, and i’m now doing hot yoga. it’s so good for my body. it’s as if my bones are thanking me daily for all that stretching. and i love a drenching sweat like that, i leave feeling like every toxin has left my body.

also, i am curious – how do you fit health & fitness into you life? for years, it has just been a priority to me. i may not make a home-cooked meal three times a day, quite often i skip showers with hair that hasn’t been washed in two days, three days…, rarely put on make-up, wear my work-out clothes all day long. {i really like cute workout clothes because of this!} however, this little sacrifice allows me to fit in my workouts more often than not, and that little detail keeps most of the cobwebs out of my head. that little detail keeps most of the funks far away. and that is important to me. I find most of my workout clothes for women online at very low prices.

so. is it a priority to you? is it not? do you wish it was? do you have other things that just must come first? as women, i feel it’s so important that we take this time for ourselves. what do you think?

have you tried anything new in your health/diet/exercise life lately? this was the year for me to change it up, focus on being healthy, and it’s happening. i love it.


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  1. I actually teach a barre class called “Booty Barre”. The main difference I’ve noticed between this method and other barre classes is that it was created by a BASI Pilates faculty educator. (translation~ it focuses on proper alignment, core stabilization and works you in a neutral spine which is much healthy for your body.) I know it’s in Boston. I also teach ( and love love love) TRX classes. It’s the ultimate in functional training since the straps are as unstable as they come.
    I love owning a pilates studio and being able to help people not only stay healthy, but rehabilitate injuries, but realize what they are capable of if they try.
    I think it’s a priority to be the example for my girls. I love fruits & veggies and they are a staple in our diets. My girls even love tofu and smoothies loaded with spinach & kale. The funniest thing is my 3 year old will tell you that “McDonalds puts chemicals in their food-yuck.”

  2. I did a 5 day juice fast using the recipes from the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and made all the juices myself. I didn’t think it was going to be very difficult because I am a vegetarian, but psychologically it was very hard not to actually eat anything. In the end I physically felt clean and light. It was great and I’d do it again, especially for the psychological challenge!

  3. After spending the last 45 minutes reading all about it on their website and different Googled reviews…. I’ve decided I am going to do this too!… I’ve been going a little crazy with my diet as of lately {Too much candy (as always) and much more fast food than I normally eat} I feel a bit out of control! This sounds like exactly what I need to get back on the right track!
    I was going to the gym at least 3 times a week, but then we got two new puppies, and I feel like I’m not ready to leave them in the evenings yet… Instead, we’ve been going on nightly walks, and I got Zumba for my WII {SO much fun!} But my diet has definitely been lacking!

    I’m really excited about this challenge! Thanks for the introduction and all of the inspiration! I hope you will keep us updated with how your cleanse goes!

  4. I signed up at the gym a few weeks ago and I’ve definitely been trying to make this “lifestyle change” and so far, I’m enjoying it. I feel like it’s a good place to be (the gym). Good energy. And you always leave there feeling sore, but just… different than when you walked in. I really hope I can keep up with it.

    I’d love if you posted a recipe from time to time, as if you needed another thing to keep you busy ;). Maybe your favorite salads or wraps? Something for some thin-spiration.

  5. Have you watched the documentary Forks Over Knives? Totally changed our life. We now limit meat to maybe once or twice a week. And our diet is based on whole foods.
    I am still struggling with finding time to work out. With a baby up all night and two kids during the day, I can’t quite seem to find the time. But I need to be better about this!

  6. Amen!! Me too! Bjorn always tells me I am one meal away from becoming a vegetarian šŸ™‚ I too want to watch Forks over knives but I honestly think that might be the last straw for me. I’m still running a ton and loving it! But new to me, I have been doing RIPPED at the gym. And I love that http://www.rippedusa.com/

  7. I just ordered my 3 day cleanse from http://www.pressedjuicery.com, I will be starting on the 20th as well. I also just ordered a juicer, I got a masticating one, Omega VRT350hd, and Iā€™m so excited to start incorporating juicing into my daily routine. Iā€™m a huge barre fan, but am more regular about pilates. I will be thinking of you and your cleanse while I do mine next week!

  8. good job jane! i am excited to hear how it goes!!! (you should seriously watch forks over knives already…if you haven’t yet)

  9. Jane, you always look so fantastic. Your workout regimen is a great example to me. I need to be better about exercising and eating more green leafy veggies. It’s far too easy to grab a protein bar, isn’t it?

  10. Hi Jane- I am so happy your blog is public again!! Thanks!!

    I have not tried a cleanse since I not sure I could stick with it. I can’t wait to hear how you feel after trying it. I have taken up a mostly vegan diet over the past six months. I do occasionally eat fish and eggs.

    My favorite excercise is hot yoga. I am totally addicted to going to these classes almost daily. You should try them if you have not previously. šŸ˜‰ I have never found anything that makes me feel as good as I do after I do yoga.

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