Jordin Sparks concert

Dusty and I took Kiana & Myla to the concert tonight at the Scera outdoor theater. Brent Hekekia was so kind as to go to the park at 9am this morning, put his chairs & cooler in line and make sure that we all had awesome general admission seats tonight. We were 5th row! It was awesome!

It was a warm summer evening, we had great friends – Troy & Daphne with their girls; Brent Hekekia with his girls, and great music. Perfect!
Jordin Sparks was beautiful and has the most amazing voice. This was the 2nd American Idol we have heard in concert now, we went to Stadium of Fire 2 years ago right after Taylor Hicks had won, we loved him, too.

The only downfall of the evening, is we can’t hear now. We were a wee bit too close to the speakers.

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  1. Wow, that is awesome. I didn’t even know that Jordan Sparks was coming to Utah. Why do you always hear about the coolest things? I fixed the picture on my blog, and I think you can see it now, she is an amazing artist. See you soon.

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