Jazz dance intensive

Kiana & Myla spent most of this week at the Jazz dance intensive, a.k.a. dance camp. They took a huge variety of classes. Their days were packed with ballet, jazz, contemporary, yoga, Polynesian dance, tap, hip-hop, nutrition classes, etc. etc.

Myla was there 9-3 Monday & Tuesday. And, Kiana was there 9-4 Monday – Thursday. They each wrapped up their intensives with parent shows and I was able to watch the adorable routines they had learned in that time.

This is Myla & her good friend Rozlyn, with Sela attached to Myla’s hip. Sela LOVES to be around her sisters when they are dancing, especially at the studio. She will be taking a 2 YEAR OLD TODDLER class this Fall, I can’t wait to see her in her little dance clothes & shoes!
{I didn’t get any photos of Kiana’s parent show because I took so much video…and I hope to get a couple of the video’s posted later}

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  1. Sounds like such a Fun Dance Camp! Kiana said she was so Sore the day they did the Polynesian dance. They both told me they Loved doing Yoga too. That is so awesome!!

    Are your girls doing Rock Climbing camp next week? We are ready for it!!

    I also can't wait for Fall (oct) they{ Timp Indoor} has a 3-4 year old Soccer team, mostly skills class for Hayes & Olivia. They will Love it!

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