it’s time for some red sox baseball games. huzzah.

our big papi had a great father’s day!
we slept in, had a yummy lunch, laid by the pool, watched movies, played games with the kids, and had a yummy dinner. and, we pretty much snuggled all day.

kiana, myla, kj, and sela all spoiled papi with gifts. this year, kiana and myla used their very own money {saved allowance, etc.} to buy their papi’s gifts. i was so impressed, and i think they loved the shopping all the more since they were really buying the gifts! kiana chose a new ‘balance opposites ruca shirt.’ myla chose the patriotic Boston hat Dusty is wearing…

fyi: we call him big papi, for one main reason.

dusty is a fan of the boston red sox, if you didn’t already know. and, this player is nicknamed big papi. this song, says, “i love it when you call me big poppa…” which dusty is caught singing, all the time.

we think the nickname fits our daddy really well.

this painting was my gift to big papi…

the original photo ~~~ taken at a red sox game in seattle, about 3 years ago…

when i won this giveaway, i chose to have a painting done for big papi for father’s day…

i love how it turned out! sammy is so talented. you can see her work here at the beehive bazaar and in her etsy shop here. i really recommend checking out her talent. she is incredibly inspiring. i would love to have more pictures done by her for display.

and, because of papi’s love for the red sox. we are headed to denver this morning with good friends to watch three baseball games in the next three days.

fun, fun, fun!!!

{i will still be blogging, traveling with my computer…}

One response to “it’s time for some red sox baseball games. huzzah.

  1. that painting is amazing! I love love love it…

    happy fathers day to dusty, he really is one awesome Papi!!

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