it’s that time again…

for family pictures…

my adorable and oh-so-so-talented friend Becky took our family pictures a couple of weeks ago…{I totally recommend booking a session with her.}

I love her style and how they turned out.

I had spent the week prior to family pictures trying so desperately to make sure the kids didn’t have any cuts/bruises that would be visible. Then sure enough, the night before our pics at my indoor soccer game I blocked a goal with my lip.
c’est la vie.

Becky’s photo shop skills met the challenge and wha-la, no fat lip is visible!

you can click here for a sneak peak.

6 responses to “it’s that time again…”

  1. okay so i am OBSESSED with family pictures. we did sibling photos for my parents for christmas a few years ago and my sister and I spent months going through wardrobe and colors and setting. i made everyone go to our family hairdresser that day-I wanted it to be perfect. Fortunately though you can’t always micromanage a big family and we got cute photos with a ton of real personality.

    these are seriously adorable but gosh, can it really be hard to get good photos of such a good lookin’ family?

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