“It’s a wonderful life.”

is currently the show playing at “Kingsbury Hall.” in SLC.
{totally recommend going!}
Our dear friends have all three of their boys starring in the kids cast…

So, we kicked off the Christmas season by going with the Duckworth’s to dinner at Buca di Beppo’s and the show…

We made reservations for the “Pope’s room,” a round table that seats 12-16 people! We all got a good laugh at the statue of the Pope’s head in the middle of the table, it was a bit odd to have him staring you down while you were eating…dinner was delicious, as expected. As always, we ordered way too much food!

It was so much fun to have such a large group, and we met up with Joe & Caryn at the theater…
The neighborhood fan club for Nate, Ethan, and Cayden!
They all did such a great job performing, way to go boys!
Kiana invited her friend Caymen to spend the evening with us and after the show they chatted with Thayne from SYTYCD- he was very sweet with the girls.also, Matt from the past season of SYTYCD has the lead role in this show!
He did an incredible job. Amazing dancing.

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