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this post is a little late today. my husband and I are without email and with that challenge, we are going a little crazy. if you have emailed me {or him} for anything in the past 48 hours, please be patient – i may not be able to respond till early NEXT WEEK! i am so sorry.

in other news, i’m excited to share with you today – a new sponsor for seejaneblog! Janae Moss and i have been in touch briefly over the years, but as she tells you here, we’ve never had time to really connect. i’m excited to have her be a part of seejaneblog & hope you will give her a warm welcome! Janae is also helping with our upcoming event on June 26th 6-8pm.  If you joined us last time – it’s going to be even better this time!  we hope to see you!


Pink Moss: Noun, Verb

A basic social unit, consisting of parents and their children – including six daughters, and one adopted son.  Highly active, sometimes haphazard, fun loving, and always looking for the humor and beauty in a crazy world.  Enjoying such things as – parties, clothes, dancing together, jewelry, service projects, and Justin Beiber.

Mother and author of Pink Moss: Janae

Lover of music, water skiing, reading, outdoors, a perfect sandwich, hiking, photography, writing, anything creative, running, and playing with her family.

Pink Moss is the story of our family.

We started out with girl, after girl, after girl, after girl, after girl, after girl…But after saying a silent prayer, we were blessed unexpectedly with a son.

The story, is really quite unbelievable. My three year old daughter spoke of him coming into her room at night, before we ever knew he would be coming into our life a few years later.

(sounded a bit creepy, until we saw him)

and then we fell in love.

As you can see, he fits right into our family of girls.

And, it was meant to be.

Some people think we are crazy for having so many kids, and maybe we are – but we really quite enjoy it.  Jane and I are two ladies that move in the same circles.  We are both busy running our littles here and there, around town.  I have seen her at dance competitions, at our daughter’s school, and Jane has hosted my Whitney at some of her great parties.   Jane is even best friends with some of my  friends, but I believe we are both so busy – we never had much time to speak.

That’s how motherhood is.  We are busy giving everything we have to those we love, and sometimes our friendships are an “extra” that we have to work really hard at.

Like many others that read Jane’s blog, I stumbled on a link from our mutual friend, Sara.  She is my friend, and neighbor.  I couldn’t believe it when I realized it was the same Jane I had seen around town!  So I began to read, and read, of her many talents.

How excited I was to realize that she had space on her blog for advertisements!  I had never advertised my blog before, and I couldn’t think of a better place to try it out.

Over at Pink Moss, my blog,  I write about all sorts of things. I am kind of a Seinfield blogger,

a lot about nothing – and everything at the same time.

Sometimes it’s funny

sometimes serious

other times random

or reflective

or even a little too personal

You never know what you will get and

*neither do I*

So, when you are needing something to do, take a hop – skip – and a jump over to my neck of the woods.  We would love to have you!

Nice to meet you.




if you are interested in being a seejaneblog sponsor, email me for details. and, have a lovely weekend! see you here on monday.

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