with my passion for blogging, i’ve decided to implement a new weekly post:

flashback fridays.

i want to slowly add more memories from our past, not just the current happenings to my world of blogging.

flashback memories may include memories from our family, my family, dusty’s family, maybe even a little u.s. history – who knows…this will evolve…

so, for my first post, while sitting here i started thinking,

“where were we ten years ago, this month… June 2000???”

this realization almost scared me, with the reality of how much has happened in my life in the past ten years. wow. as often as we hear it or say it, time flies.

ten years ago, this month:

Dusty & i had been living in the philippines for two months, with our girls – kiana & myla, they were respectfully 28 months, and 6 months old.

Although we consider the philippines a second home, there are still some things that freak me out… like…June-October is wet season, also known as ‘typhoon/monsoon season.” when it rains, it can really pour, to a frightful state at times.

while living there, when it would start to rain violently, kiana with a very limited toddler vocabulary would start yelling, “boats! boats!” and our househelp would rush to make her origami boats, Dusty or one of us would take an umbrella and escort her outside to the curb to float the boats down the flooding streets.

my little girl, loved it!

this is a picture from that same year, four months later, when we were headed to the airport…

Manila was flooding. the water was seeping in the cracks of our doors.

my girls were so young, although they don’t remember the flood, they still remember their fear, from the flooding streets…

there’s my flashback for today.

more to come next week!

7 responses to “introducing…FLASHBACK FRIDAYS!”

  1. Great idea for a new series – love reading about your adventures today and those in the Philippines. I've only experienced monsoons in Brazil and India, not the Philippines but they do get scary.

  2. My favorite memory is the fact that we didn't have a car… so on our little scooter, among other things :), we drove our family of four all over Angeles City.

  3. Hi, I've just spent over an hour going though your old posts… I LOVE your blog! Your kids are gorgeous, your house is amazing, you throw the best parties and I love your photo's.
    Nikki 🙂

  4. wow, that would be so scary! I love seeing and hearing about your 'phillipines" times.

    love "flashback fridays"

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